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Meet Andrea

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP)


My name is Andrea and I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and founder of Rising Roots Nutrition. I live in Orange County, California with my husband, two kids and Goldendoodle puppy.  In addition to my NTP certification from the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA), I also have a B.S. in Marketing and an M.A. in Counseling from San Diego State University.

My passion for helping others and my love for food began at a very early age. I grew up in a traditional European (Hungarian) household where I was raised on a variety of foods, including chicken liver (my personal favorite), fresh vegetables, crepes, and endless homemade baked goods! However, it was not until I embarked on my own health and wellness journey that I discovered our relative “health” is based on so much more than just what we eat.

While the catch phrase may be “you are what you eat” it is worth noting that you may also be your environment, your mental health, your toxins, and your genetic makeup - all of which contribute to your overall health.

Throughout my journey, I battled several health challenges - including digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, brain fog, low energy, vertigo, and heartburn. As I developed new or worsened symptoms, I continuously sought out help and support, explored a variety of traditional medical remedies (unfortunately, most to no avail), and eventually started to lose hope.  I recall one doctor even questioning if my symptoms were just in my head!

I was frustrated, felt alone, and wanted to give up!

I started to doubt everything - including myself and I became my worst critic. I also unknowingly began to battle body dysmorphia and struggled as my world became consumed by food, calories, weight, and exercise. Throughout the years I have probably tried almost every diet out there to lose weight - low carb, low fat, low calorie, lemon/cayenne drinks, Weight Watchers, juice cleanses, you name it - but what I learned is that losing weight in order to be healthy is not achieved through diet alone.  Additionally, while these “fad diets” appear not only harmless, but healthy and helpful, what I discovered was that not only was I depriving my body of critical nutrients of living in a calorie-centric and diet-focused world, but I was also living in my own prison of malnourishment.

Years later, I met a doctor who not only believed me, but also LISTENED to me. She ran tests and labs and when the results came back normal (but my symptoms persisted), she listened some more, ran more tests and labs until it was ultimately discovered that I had subclinical hypothyroidism and environmental-induced stress, which significantly impacted my health. However, that is where her knowledge stopped and her only advice was to prescribe medicine. I knew that I didn’t feel good, but being prescribed medicine for my symptoms as opposed to the root cause of my symptoms felt like I was sticking a bandaid on with complete disregard for the underlying wound. And it was not until after the birth of my children that I felt empowered, for the first time, to take matters into my own hands and seek out natural healing alternatives to traditional medicine. I sought out therapists and functional doctors to address mental health, I researched foods that would nourish my body and heal endocrine issues, and I dived into the word of God and learned to lean on Him instead of my own plans. My journey also led me to discover the NTA program where I learned about the foundations to living a healthy life and how our bodies have an amazing ability to communicate with us if we learn how to listen.

I finally had the realization that I need to listen to what my body was trying to communicate to me through my symptoms.

Although I enjoyed helping others in my counseling profession, I felt a new calling to help women, from a holistic perspective, who are struggling with health issues and have not received the proper support through traditional modalities. Rising Roots Nutrition is more than just a meal plan - it is a place for women to feel heard, be supported on their healing journey, and a vessel where we work together to get to the root of the cause of their symptoms and rise up to their best-joyful-self! My hope is to meet you wherever you are on your journey and to encourage, empower, and educate you to make healthy decisions for a healthy new you!

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