Home Organization Consulting

In a world where chaos seems to reign, where our day-to-day is filled with meetings, to-do lists, half-finished projects, and more, it is natural to feel overwhelmed and anxious and oftentimes, the last thing we have time for is our home. A home is supposed to be a place of refuge - a place to escape the noise and relax - but when we can't make time for ourselves, we often lack the time and energy to keep our home tidy, and it often becomes our most neglected space (similar to our minds).

Just as a home full of clutter can create stress and anxiety, which over time can lead to significant health issues, a home that is neat and tidy can help foster a calm mind. Our environment, like our body, dictates our health and well-being. De-cluttering your home will help de-clutter your mind, which is a critical piece in our health and wellness journey toward healing!

White Kitchen

Home Organizing & Pantry/Fridge Cleanout

  • Walk-thru room(s) of home and discuss goals to declutter your space

  • Purge, Group, Contain

  • Discuss healthy alternatives for cleaning supplies and other ways to reduce environmental toxins

  • If needed, I will shop and purchase necessary items for the project and will bill you the cost of the items

  • Kitchen: review items in the pantry and fridge and provide resources and tools to learn how to read labels and purge junk that can be harming your health
  • Learn about:

    • staples to keep on hand

    • foods to buy organic

    • how to keep vegetables fresher longer

  • Receive resources to take with you to the grocery store when shopping! 

*call to receive project quote

Did you know?

The average woman exposes herself to 586 chemicals every day in her personal products alone!


Clutter can make us feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. Research has found the levels of the stress hormone cortisol were higher in mothers whose home environment was cluttered. A chronically cluttered home environment can lead to a constant low-grade fight or flight response, taxing our resources designed for survival.
This response can trigger physical and psychological changes that affect how we fight bugs and digest food, as well as leave us at greater risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease. (RACGP)